Isle of Man ‘not worried about Labour threat’

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It's reported in the Isle of Man this morning that:

The chief minister has dismissed demands from Labour leader Ed Miliband for talks with the Isle of Man and the Channel islands 'over tax evasion'.

In the United Kingdom press at the weekend, it was reported Mr Miliband would call for negotiations to begin with the governments of the Crown dependencies.

It was also claimed he would demand ministers follow up the talks, with threats to shame the islands on the international stage by placing them on a globally recognised blacklist.

Allan Bell says he has only just received assurances from the UK government that it is happy with the way the Isle of Man is regulated.

Perhaps Mr Bell hasn't noticed that Miliband is, I presume, disagreeing with the government on this issue and saying Labour would do something different? In which case he needs to wake up and smell the coffee.