John Sentamu delivers the message that should have been put out on the steps of St Paul’s on day 1 of #Occupy

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Writing in the Yorkshire Post, the Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, commented on the extremes of wealth and poverty and the urgent task ahead to re-establish a fairer society. He said (amongst much else):

Many of us who joined the Jubilee 2000 Coalition, which campaigned successfully for the cancellation of debt-indebtedness by poor countries to the rich nations must now found a new coalition to tackle this inequality.  The spirit which led to the campaign for Trade Justice, Make Poverty History, Fairtrade, and the Millennium Development Goals, must be rekindled.


Because changes in public attitudes can take place quite quickly.  Over the last few decades racism has lost its respectability and is seen as unacceptable.  The same applies to homophobia (the irrational fear of homosexuals) and discrimination against women.  My belief and trust is that a society which has shown itself capable of making such rapid changes to attitudes in these areas will also prove capable of recognising that our society will work best when we recognise that as human beings we are all, fundamentally of equal worth and members of one society.

Let us do it. Let us do it now.

He is right.

I believe the Tax Justcie Network has helped lay the rgound for this work.

Now it is time to become a mass movement. And the good news is that Ed Miliband, unlike many still in the Labour Party, realises that.