Cameron marches in African solidarity with Diamond’s Barclays gravy train of oppression

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As his grip on power in the UK slips, undermined by his own remarkable lack of judgement, David Cameron his gone off to South Africa for a couple of days to support the Bob Diamond / Barclays Bank gravy train.

As the Guardian notes:

He will praise his generation for marching against African debt and for holding concerts to raise funds for aid to the continent.

No mention of apartheid I note, or Barclays and the Tories role in supporting it. What a strange oversight. There is this though:

But in article in the South African Business Day he will call for a change of approach. "They have never once had a march or a concert to call for what will in the long term save far more lives and do far more good — an African free trade area," he writes.

This is utterly untrue. In a continent where collecting direct taxes is nigh on impossible - because people don't earn enough and the infrastructure is not in place - tariffs are essential if revenue is to be raised. But Cameron wants them abolished. The cost to health care, education and well-being will be enormous. Jeffery Owens at the OECD reckoned during a conversation with me a couple of years ago it would be 30% or more of all African tax. That will deliver untold misery.

More than that - Cameron knows (or he should know) o country has developed without the benefit of tariff barriers. It's how infant industries develop. But off goes Cameron to demand the creation of the Washington Consensus' dream in Africa - a continent left open to Western exploitation without tax being paid in any local country.


But so typically Cameron.

Has the man any wisdom at all?

Let alone the most basic of human emotions - empathy. But for an accident of birth he might face the poverty that is reality for so many Africans, and he seems utterly unable to understand that. Instead he goes to support one of the most notorious companies involved in the oppression of this continent - Barclays Bank.