Note to the Isle of Man – I won’t be going away

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There was extensive coverage in the Isle of Man yesterday on my comments on the new VAT deal for the island, made here on Tuesday. Both Manx Radio and Isle of Man Today covered the story, reproducing much of my blog.

Both seemed to think that my comment that this campaign was now over might mean I will pay less attention to the Isle of Man in future. Far from it. There are still very good reasons for paying attention to it. It's tax system is still illegal and subject to EU sanction. It is still a tax haven, of course. It is still offering pernicious secrecy. It is still offering only limited automatic information exchange. It is quite likely to go bust, which makes it a matter of particular interest.

And the ordinary people of the Isle of Man still need a government that represents their interest and not those of the finance industry.

So I promise you - you've not heard the last of things yet.


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