If Jersey fails the EU Code of Conduct rules so will the Isle of Man

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I've just explained why I think Jersey will fail the EU Code of Conduct for Business Taxation rules, again.

Since it is replicating the behaviour of the Isle of Man and the Isle of Man is refusing to budge on this issue, even though it too has failed the EU Code's tests, it seems certain the Isle of Man will also fail the EU's rules.

Remember that if they do the UK has to intervene in the Crown Dependencies' affairs. It has no choice.

Of course they could all say they're becoming independent. But they have no chance of surviving economically if they do, most especially in the case of Jersey. So that's not an option.

The fat lady has definitely not yet sung on this one yet.

NB: Guernsey will not fail if it introduces a 10% corporation tax - as it has said it will. I think that's EU compliant. 0% tax is not. That's the issue.