AABA / Tax Justice Network workshop 5 – 6 July

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Tax Justice Network 



Provisional Programme 

Fuller details of the workshop, including a downloadable booking form, are available here

Tuesday 5th July

Arrival & Registration: 12.00-12.45

Welcome and Introduction: 12.45 John Christensen (TJN)

Session 1: 13.00-14.45 Chair: Prem Sikka, Essex University

The Role of Tax in Achieving Human, Social and Economic Rights

Chairman's Introductory Comments

Attiya Waris and Matti Kohonen
Building Taxation to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals in Africa

Ignacio Saiz
The role of fiscal policy in realising economic and social rights: the "Rights or Privileges" project in Guatemala


Session 2: 15.00 -16.45 Chair: Richard Murphy

Tax and Social Justice

Peter Dietsch
Efficiency of what? Tax competition and the promotion of social objectives

Peter Latham
Land Value Taxation, debt and human rights: A Gramscian Perspective

Ayse Nil Özbakan Tosun, Oytun Canyas
Effects of the European Convention on Human Rights on Turkish Tax Policy and Administration


Session 3: 17.15 -18.15 Chair: Sarah Knott

Getting to the Roots of the Problem

Christophe Farquet
The Swiss Tax Haven in the Inter-War Period: An International Comparison

John Christensen, Nicholas Shaxson, Sam Heinrichs
The Shaping of an Ideology of Offshore


19h00 Buffet Dinner

20h00 Panel Discussion — Debt, Tax and Human Rights led by Nick Dearden (Jubilee Debt Campaign), Ronen Palan (University of Birmingham) and Attiya Waris (University of Nairobi)

Wednesday 6th July

Session 4: 09.00-10.30 Chair: Markus Meinzer

Tax and Change

Tim Knight
Equitable Distribution of Wealth and Income Through Taxation

Tony Crawford
Capitalism without Capital: Tracking the Monetisation of Toxic Loans through Taxation Systems

Emerta Asaminew
Estimating the Underground Economy in Ethiopia

Session 5: 11.00-12.30: Chair: Liz Nelson

Exploring Secrecy: Mechanisms and Magnitudes

Jim Henry
The Price of Offshore Revisited

Steven Eichenberger, Markus Meinzer
Mapping Financial Secrecy 2011 — Changes, Process, Methodology and Implications

Alex Cobham, Petr Jansky
Tracking 'offshore' finance through the crisis: Using the Financial Secrecy Index to explore the evolution of dirty money flows

Workshop ends

Fuller details of the workshop, including a downloadable booking form, are available here.

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