Fink Camp – taxing banks

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Just done a gig under the above title for the New Economics Foundation at Amnesty International's offices in London.

The subject - taxing banks.

Dave Hillman of the Robin Hood Tax gave that subject a good airing.

Tony Greenham of nef covered all their dimensions - and there ae many.

And I guess I talked all things tax - as is my usual pitch on such occassions.

What's the outcome? Well this:

- Taxing banks won't solve all our ills - but billions can be raised

- If banks paid more tax they'e better realise their connection to society, or it least compensate it if they did not

- If banking secrecy in all its forms was shattered we'd find it much easier to clamp down on tax evasion

- A Robin Hood Tax can work, and without being universal

- Banks won't run anywhere if we tax or regulate them as there's nowhere to go

- Trying to run the UK as the successor to Ireland - as George Osborne seems to be doing - will leave us in the same place as Osborne

- Creating a progressive tax system on bankers is essential

- Right now banks and bankers seriously underpay tax

- This is also true in Europe bu there the will to correct this exists

- Why won't George Osborne share that sentiment here - the levy is no substitute for real change?

Thanks to nef.

And good to see they supported St Peter's Brewery, Bungay when selecting the booze. It's not a Norfolk brewery by a mile or so, but it's good all the same.