79% of people think the government should act to close tax loopholes

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The following data comes from polling done last week by Unison and reported yesterday by the TUC:

The questions gave respondents the opportunity to choose betwen the kind of argument, one a union might put and one the government would put. That can be a good polling technique as it means that you are not trying to devise a neutral non-leading question, but are giving people the choice between two clearly partial statements.

There were fascinating answers on the Big Society (59% think it's a cover for cuts) and cuts themselves (56% think they'll cause recession) but I concentrate on tax. The sample was of 2,720 people:

Some people and companies can legally avoid paying some taxes because of the ‘loop holes’ which exist in the tax system. Some say that the Government should close the loop holes in the tax system to ensure that companies and individuals pay more tax. Others say that closing the loop holes will effectively mean a tax increase on some individuals and companies which may reduce the amount of economic investment in Britain and threaten the economic recovery. Total Con Lab Lib Dem
Do you think the Government should or should not close the tax loop holes?
The Government should close the tax loopholes 79 80 84 82
The Government should not close the tax loopholes 8 11 6 8

87% had an opinion.

79% agree with the arguments that I and the Tax Justice Network, the TUC, PCS and others have been making.

It's time for action.

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