100s of thousands – and all of it peaceful

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I'm on the train back from London.

After 2.5 hours spent covering a mile from the Embankment to Trafalgar Square via Whitehall I decided the chance of my part of the March for an Alternative reaching Hyde Park before nightfall was limited. By the time I left the head of the mrch had been therefore a long time - and some people had literally hardly started.

There were hundreds of thousands of people on this march.

It was universally good humoured - I was not a hint of trouble at all.

If there is any - don't blame the TUC. This was an enormous event, scrupulously managed and with universal good will - not least from the piolice (after all, they should have every sympathy).

I hear rumour there was trouble in Oxford Street but if so they were people utterly out of sympathy with what happened today.

Today was about people making clear that they believe in society - not Cameron's profit driven version - not Clegg's sold out version - but one where pubic service is not for profit.

It was about people saying they value their work - and the work of othes.

About saying society will pay the price for cutting that work - a price much bigger than the supposed financial savings that will flow.

It was about saying w on't need to cut - because closing the tax gap, creating investment and using public spending properly to create employment could prevent it.

It was about letting people know they are not alone when they think this government insane - as rational people do.

It was about confirming that there is value in life itself - not in the cash which is all the Tories can count.

And it was well worth going to know all that.

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