HMRC – a ‘failing organisation’ – according to a Tory MP

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The Press Association has reported:

Cuts to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) could hit small firms struggling to cope with complex tax issues, the chairman of the influential Treasury Select Committee has warned.

Conservative Andrew Tyrie warned that HMRC "in some areas is close to being a failing institution" with poor morale following a string of high-profile blunders.

With the department being reorganised and facing job losses he said there was "absolutely no point" making cuts if it led to increased costs for business.

Some of us have been saying so for some time.

So why is it taking so long for HM Treasury to realise this? Or is it that they hate tax so much (being neoliberal to the core) that they'd rather destroy the organisation with which they share their head office rather than accept that investment in tax collection might be the best sending they could ever permit?