Enclosing the public sector for private gain – and destroying democratic choice on the way

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I wrote a blog on the above theme last July. In it I argued that:

Private enterprise has no clue how to generate wealth right now. I mentioned the consequence a while ago. Private business has no idea what to invest in now, no new product to make, no big idea to offer.

So this government is offering it the NHS, education and more so that public benefit can be enclosed for private gain.

This is what happened two hundred years ago.

And it’s happening again.

Today Cameron announced that this is what he's now going to do: all public service is in effect open to private sector bidding.

So we have a situation where, very deliberately a prime minister elected without a majority will try to ensure the end of public service in the UK.

Alice Hood explains many of the consequences on the TUC blog.

I offer this thought: I have no doubt the contracts offered will be for more than ten years. Centrica, Serco, and others will be laughing all the way to the bank. But this is a fundamental threat to democracy: if these contracts are written so they cannot be cancelled by an incoming government they will undermine real democratic choice.

And that's the real agenda here, I have no doubt.