Of course people don’t blame Labour for the economic crisis

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Liberal Conspiracy have done someone fascinating polling.

Bored by the continual claims that people blamed Labour for the crisis - based on surveys that simply ask people to choose between the political parties they blame - they did a poll that asked who people blamed and included others options including banks and trade unions.

The results are telling:


Everyone blames banks more than Labourt - bar Conservatives, which is fine as they won't vote Labour anyway.

As Sunny Hundal for Liberal Conspiracy concludes:

The point is this: a significant percentage of voters lost trust with Labour on the economy — not because it didn’t have a “tough” (as Alistair Darling called his) deficit-cutting plan.

Many lost trust in Labour’s handling of the economy because it didn’t regulate banks properly, and let them take the economy down. They blame the banks for the financial crisis, but Labour for letting the crisis happen in the first place.

These people are a significant majority of the voters. How will Labour respond to them? That should be the main question for the party now.

And the answer should be clear. And it does involve rejecting Blairism.

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