Green Bank or privatised bank

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The FT has two stories telling a tale of importance this morning.

Chris Huhne wants the Green Investment Bank for the UK to be a real bank. The Treasury oppose it - tooth and nail.

The Treasury hope to privatise Royal Bank of Scotland next year despite its dismal record of support to the UK economy.

What does this say?Simply this: that the Treasury is only worried about bankers.

I remember a conversation I had with a very senior person in H M Revenue & Customs in late 2008. She reflected a Treasury and not HMRC background. She said:

"We have to restore Anglo-Saxon Capitalism. It's all we've got."

That's the poverty of thinking in the Treasury summarise in one line.

And that's hy bankers' are getting their way.

It's time they opened their eyes, very wide. Because this is not sustainable. It's shocking that Gordon Osborne has no Plan B. It's worse that the Treasury hasn't either. But that's the reality.

And that's what has to be challenged.

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