Sometimes a picture does say more about the cuts

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It’s said a picture says a thousand words.

I admit I’m not too good at pictures but knock out thousands of words.

This though is just too iconic not to use (and I very rarely use photos for copyright reasons, but the public interest over-rides in this case):

This was taken at yesterday’s student protests against cuts at the Turner prize presentation. As the Guardian noted, the demonstration struck a chord at the presentation:

Tate director Sir Nicholas Serota acknowledged their presence and said "all" were concerned by proposed cuts to arts budgets.

He said: "Art should continue to be accessible to all no matter where you live or indeed whatever your wealth."

Susan Philipsz [who won] gave them more direct support as she accepted the prize, saying: "I support artists against the cuts."

Speaking after the ceremony, she said: "I was a student protesting. I think they have every right to protest. I don't think they should cut the grants. My heart goes out to them."

I suspect a pattern has been set. Demonstration by a few hundred media savvy people will become commonplace, and because right is so obviously on their side people will not be unduly upset — as they were not by weekend demonstrations about Top Shop.

This government is not going to destroy the fabric of our society for the benefit of a few. It is obvious that is what they intend to do. But there comes a point when people say no. This is one of them.

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