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From the First Post:

Amid all the debate about Ireland's financial woes and the subsequent bailout by British and European taxpayers, one voice has remained silent. Odd really considering that he is one of Ireland's richest inhabitants, certainly its most famous, a friend to presidents and kings, and someone rather fond of the sound of his own voice.

That man is Bono - lead singer of U2, political activist and, if his speech at a prayer breakfast attended by President Bush and Jordan's King Abdullah in 2006 still holds true, a seeker of justice for "the poorest of the poor".

"Holding children to ransom for the debts of their grandparents," he told the assembled dignitaries, "... that's a justice issue."

Well, could justice finally be served on Bono himself? Writing in the Irish Independent last week, columnist Kevin Myers pointed out that a possible upside of the country's current position was that it would finally expose the singer for the hypocrite he is.

"I imagine Bono has stayed silent on the Irish crisis," wrote Myers, "because the solution of it was always going to involve the abolition of the artists' tax exemption, which has now happened. He will be paying 53 per cent of his income in taxes, like the rest of us.

"Now we'll see how keen he is on giving government aid raised from taxpayers to developing countries - or will he simply flee to an easier tax regime?"

What’s the answer Bono?

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