The right wing agenda is becoming clear

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The scale of the right wing agenda that seeks to exploit the bank induced recession for the benefit of a tiny elite in society is becoming more apparent by the day.

As the IFS and TUC have shown, the cuts agenda of George Osborne is a deliberate move to increase inequality in the UK as the cost of rebuilding our banks is imposed on the poorest in our country whilst those who created the crisis bear a modest supposed tax cost whilst their incomes, alone, rise.

Today comes the news that the UK has signed a deal with Switzerland which surrenders our taxing rights to Swiss banks — and international capital that makes clear precisely where the loyalties of the ConDem government lie.

And not to be left out are the CBI, Deloitte on behalf of the Big 4 and big business. As the BBC has reported today:

Following a survey of 121 bosses of the biggest UK firms and large overseas companies operating in Britain, the CBI said the UK needed to cut regulation, and reduce both business and personal taxation.

The survey, which was co-produced by accountancy group Deloitte, said the UK scored highly for its economic stability. However, respondents said the US, Canada, China and India were now seen as more attractive countries in which to invest.

John Connolly, chief executive and senior partner of Deloitte, said: "If the UK economy is to continue its recovery, then growth and jobs will have to come from the private sector.

"One of the great challenges for policymakers is to provide the right conditions for companies to grow."

So they want reduced business tax, personal tax, regulation and more government spending on infrastructure. Of course, the demand for the first three is utterly consistent with the demands that led to the banking crisis and recession. And no doubt they will in due course lead to the next crash. The last is a demand for diversion of resources from ordinary people to meet the needs of business.

I don’t oppose investment: far from it. But I do when business demands a subsidy whilst seeking to consign ordinary people in this country to poverty.

I suspect the ConDems will concede to the demand. Any government that concedes to the Swiss can concede to the CBI.

And in all this an agenda is very, very apparent: that this whole situation is being managed for the interests of capital alone. Of course we need capital in a mixed economy: let’s not deny it. But this is not an attempt to balance needs in the way a mixed economy demands: this is a policy for imbalance, and that is what is so profoundly worrying. There is in here a recipe for massive unrest. And that’s what really worries me. Can’t they see this?