Filling the gap

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It’s been depressing to watch the Tory press over the weekend.

You’d think Labour had elected Lenin, such has been their reaction.

And I sat next to an idiot at Heathrow this morning stating very loudly that Ed Miliband was 14 and was elected without a plan.

Well, I agree, it’s odd to have all major party leaders somewhat younger than me now — but I think he ha a plan, and can improve it (as is quietly being said — and will be loudly once Alistair Darling is consigned to history).

The plan should be to say that cuts are not needed in the UK. But growth is. And that the combination of attacking the tax gap, raising £20 billion in the first instance, and ensuring £20 billion of new investment in the UK economy by Making Pensions Work, fills the gap Baroness Warsi says he had to fill.

Job done.

Now let’s go for sustainable regeneration of the ULK economy.