Regressive – inevitably

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The ConDem government sought to claim its policy of cuts was progressive when it was announced.

First they lied to claim that, by including Labour’s genuinely progressive measures in their calculations.

Then they just blustered about “progressive austerity” — one of Nick Clegg’s most absurd contributions to debate, ever.

And now the Institute for Fiscal Studies — whatever their manifold weaknesses and right wing predilections — says that the ConDem package is unambiguously regressive.

That’s not hard to agree with, because it is glaringly obviously true.

The reality is that the neoliberal right wing is using a crisis it created to reinforce its stranglehold on both wealth and power in the UK. This is not chance. This is deliberate. And this is abuse of most people who live in this country.

No wonder those people are frightened about the future. They should be. They’re not going to suffer through misfortune or accident. They’re going to suffer because some have chosen that they should. That’s a real cause for fear.

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