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I’m never quite sure what i think of Victoria Coren — although I’ll admit she’s attractive and knows how to play on it - so I usually give her writing a miss.

She was spot on with this though:

There is, of course, a valid debate to be had about the Film Council. There always was: between, essentially, the right-thinking people who understand why it needs to be there and the philistines who want to see it gone.

But please let's not lose sight of the real problem. We can't be fooled by such a basic piece of pier magician's trickery. It's not about films. Axing the UKFC is a brilliant move: a big coloured handkerchief to draw our eyes away from schools, hospitals, pensions and benefits.

We know what's going on behind the conjuror's back. The banks were bailed out with a trillion pounds of our money, which the government is now recouping by taking more of our money while the banks privatise their fat new profits. All public services cut. We're losing everything. It's like the Poe story about the murder weapon hidden in plain view: we can all see it, but we're simultaneously blind. We're sitting here talking about whether or not we like Ken Loach. If we keep on, we're actually going to start believing in this imaginary "waste".

Clint [Eastwood], Michael [Winner]: they are DELIGHTED for us to argue the specific toss on the Film Council. All the time we're doing that, we're not pointing out that the only "waste" is what the banks did with our money, and are doing again, while we somehow, inexplicably, fail to launch a revolution in the street.


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