The right wing and the blogosphere

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I received the following email this morning. I thought it worth sharing:

Hi Richard,

You've commented on your blog about an increase in the number right-wing libertarian commentators who've appeared on your blog as well as other websites recently, namely the Guardian Cif website. It seems the right-wing community is fairly well organised online and a recent story that appeared on AlterNet may explain part of the problem.

According to the article a conservative group, who have become extremely influential online, have been burying stories on Any story that contradicts their point of view is deliberately downvoted and buried giving conservative stories a greater chance of reaching the front page.

Although the article relates to their activity on it does give a little insight into how such groups operate using Yahoo and Facebook groups. It is very likely that similar, well organised groups online may have targeted other websites with the intention of debunking and bullying anyone who opposes their views and begin to explain where the flood of right-wing commentators on your blog and various other websites might have originated.

Here's the link to story on AlterNet.


I am convinced that this activity does go on – and is probably funded.