Right wing libertarians bully? Oh yes they do!

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I commented yesterday on right wing libertarian bullying. As if on cue this morning someone from the right wing libertarian camp turned up with these comments on the blog (both deleted in the place where he originally sought to post them):

Richard - a quick check with the Valuation Office Agency suggest you are not paying business rates on your Norfolk premises.

Is this tax planning, tax avoidance, tax compliance or tax evasion?

Either way, I'm sure one of the dreaded far right libertarians will be reporting it.

Followed by:

I can confirm that someone has now reported you for non-payment of business rates on your Downham Market premises!

It’s quite true I don’t pay business rates on my Downham Market premises. I don’t pay because they’re not due. I followed VOA guidance. It’s here. I also looked at the legal precedents. The most important is referred to here. The reporting seems accurate.

And using those criteria these no chance at all my premises should be business rated. For the record:

  1. There is no external signage of a business at my house;
  2. I have no business visitors to the premises;
  3. The office is not suitable to receive business visitors because it is not set up as an office;
  4. The room where I work is shared with my sons' model railway — which takes up as much or more space as I do for my work - and they’re in here almost as much as I am as a result;
  5. The same room also is host to gardening and other domestic equipment;
  6. Nothing has been especially adapted for business use (although it has been for railway use) the room is (apart from fitting railway baseboards) as it is when I moved in;
  7. I do — admittedly — have a business telephone line — but mainly for broadband use. I’ve recently pondered getting rid of it as almost no one calls it any more — modern willingness to call mobiles on all occasions has made it irrelevant.

In other words — there is no chance these are business premises for rating purposes. Which is why they are not recorded as such.

But in that case the whole point of these comments was to harass and bully. Thy had no other purpose.

I rest my case: these people will use any method they can to harass, bully and intimidate. No wonder the Climategate scientists reacted as they did. And that’s why action is needed to protect those who are harassed, bullied and intimidated by them when making fair comment in public.

PS - Discussion with the local Valuation Office confirmed my logic was completely correct

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