From beyond the fringe

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This blog is suffering another bout of comments from the fringes the political right wing. These people, who call themselves libertarian but whose whole object is to subject others to abuse, loss and poverty in pursuit of their own desire for wealth and power, present an agenda which is, thankfully, far beyond the bounds of political credibility in the UK.

I have a choice about how to respond. I could allow them to comment and ignore the fact that they use this site to promote their obnoxious views. The Guardian’s Comment if Free site basically does this — and I know of no one who as a result reads any of the comments posted there as a consequence. That, inevitably, reduces the value of that site.

Alternatively, as I have sought to do, I can engage with the comments. But this does not work: these people are closed minded dogmatists who, as their own sites show, use abuse, bullying and foul language as their normal means of communication. In that they are remarkably akin to the BNP, although, I accept of different persuasion in many respects. This is the policy I have, by and large, tried. As many of my friends tell me, I am wasting my time, and raising my blood pressure as a result for no possible benefit.

Thirdly I can simply delete their comments. This would save me massive amount of time and let me get on with my real work.

Or I can stop all comments.

I think that is a realistic summary of the options.

I do not think option one is viable for the reasons noted.

I have tried stopping comments, but there are people who do comment here whose comments I value, despite often not agreeing with them. Curiously this now includes most of those from secrecy jurisdictions.

Option 2 is not working.

So I am planning to resort to option 3. All comments from those promoting libertarian abuse will be deleted henceforth. This blog is about mainstream political issues, mainstream debate and mainstream solutions. The libertarian commentators here aren’t in that debate. As such I won’t be giving their extremist views space and henceforth won’t be acknowledging the fact I’m deleting their comments either. As a result I hope the comments on this blog will be more useful in future.