There is a choice

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David Cameron: cuts 'will change British life' | Politics | The Guardian.

As the Guardian notes:

David Cameron will warn tomorrow that Britain's "whole way of life" will be disrupted for years by the most drastic public spending cuts in a generation. The cuts, he will say, will have an impact on Britain's entire population.

There is a choice on this issue, of course.

Cameron can impose cuts on the ordinary people of the UK - those proverbial hard working families beloved of his party and the Daily Mail - but in this case pretty much representational of reality. Or he can do something quite different.

He can impose the cost on those best able to pay. How to do so is explained here.

And he can also recover the tax from the tax avoiders, evaders and deliberate non-payers of this country, as explained here.

Of course he can impose misery to protect this rich and the abusers of the world. Or he could protect ordinary people.

Never doubt that the choice exists. And he is making the wrong one.