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Tax Justice Network: U.S. nonprofits, facing withering fire, join tax haven fray.

TJN has needed its own voice in the USA for some time.

Now it has it.

Chaired by legendary tax haven campaigner Jack Blum, TJN USA is up, running and hitting the mediaq hard.

As Jack says, it's going to be hard:

The bad guys are in there in force, and when I say 'in force,' I mean by the hundreds and hundreds of lobbyists," he said. "For every thing we say or do, there are probably 50 people on the other side brandishing campaign contributions and God knows what else.

Is he right to use the phrase 'the bad guys'? Yes, he is. Let's be unambiguous about this. Those who promote secrecy jurisdictions promote criminality. But it won't stop them fighting. as TJN says:

We have long understood from clashing with authorities in Jersey, the Cayman Islands, London and elsewhere (and something very unpleasant is happening to some brave friends of ours in the giant and dirty tax haven of Luxembourg right now, for example), how ugly this can get, with smears, intimidation, and worse. And those folks in Washington aren't known for pulling their punches. So it is essential that we get support, and major support, from as wide a base as possible, as fast as possible.

All of which, I can say from personal experience, is true.

Expect fireworks.

Contact TJN-USA's Executive Director Sarah Lewis, sarah.lewis (at), +1 202 550-6504, and see her in action here.