Swiss government stands up to OECD

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Swiss government stands up to OECD over tax and outlines its policy. - swissinfo.

The Swiss are being beligerent:

"Switzerland will no longer accept lists drawn up by the OECD," Merz told a news conference after a special cabinet meeting called to respond to the growing pressure on the Swiss financial centre.

So what? The sanctions will work anyway.

This is even more absurd:

The cabinet reiterated that Switzerland has no intention of seeking the suspension of a bilateral treaty with the European Union on a withholding tax on assets of EU citizens held in Switzerland.

Merz ruled out an automatic exchange of information between Brussels and non- EU member Switzerland.

However, Switzerland is willing to discuss reforms, in particular a reduction of the savings tax rate, he said.

My emphasis added, but note that as ever Switzerland wants to refuse information exchange and explicitly help tax evaders at the same time.

They really are in no position to negotiate. Have they already forgotten that UBS is an admitted i nternational tax fraudster? Or that a SWiss private banker has admitted half the money will leave the country if secrecy goes?

Get real guys: the game is over and you've been rumbled.

More than that - the new EU STD is on its way.