Tina, Themba and Tiaa

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According to the Guardian Gordon Brown sepnt much of yesterday talking about what Simon Hoggart calls Themba - ‚ÄòThere Must Be An Alternative’ – which he contrast with Tina – Margaret Thatcher’s famous ‚ÄòThere Is NO Alternative’.

Thatcher was wrong.

Brown is looking in the wrong direction. He’s trying to put Humpty Dumpty back on the City wall again and Humpty Dumpty is broken.

The reality is There Is An Alternative. This blog has been laying it out on tax havens, the City and other related issues.

I’m writing this as I head down to London to begin work on the G20 as a G20 Voice blogger (see logo, right for link). I know in advance the G20 will not deliver all I want. It will not deliver all the world needs. Those who want to retain control of most wealth by an elite who hide behind a veil of secrecy to ensure that their position is subsidised by the middle class and paid for with the lives of the poorest in the world will not release that control in London tomorrow. I know that.

But 8 years ago George Bush tried to kill the anti-tax haven initiative. He almost succeeded.  The victory of the G20 as far as I am concerned has already been won – the process is roiling again. OK, not won outright yet, and it will take some time for change to happen, but it has been proven – TIAA – There Is An Alternative. I didn’t doubt it. The world is realising it. That’s massive progress.