G20 Voice bloggers meeting

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Weird to be in a room of 50 bloggers all of whom are appearing to ignore the speakers put on to brief us and are blogging instead.

Go to G20 Voice to see the feed.

But let’s be clear why this is important for a number of reasons.

The G20 is important – no one can deny it – we need massive reform.

We need a rescue package for the poorest countries of the world. We need reform to bias in their favour.

This is why the tax haven commitments that will be made tomorrow are vital. Remember – for every £1, or euro or dollar or yen that goes into developing countries as aid £8, euro, dollar or yen comes out as an illicit flow.

Tax havens deny it – but the reality is this: tax havens create and reinforce poverty.

Of course they do all the other things I have written about recently. But the development issue is one of life and death, and I have no doubt that this is the biggest issue of all. You’d agree if you live in a developing country. Think about that. It is just an accident of birth if you weren’t.