Barclays – the biggest tax avoider of all

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The Guardian has named Barclays the UK's biggest tax avoider. And rightly so. They've featured here often.

Roger Jenkins of Barclays is the person they pick on. I've covered him in the past here.

I'm also pleased to note I had a hand in at least some of the evidence. I helped research the Wall Street Journal case they refer to. I also did a File on 4 for the BBC on the capital allowances case several years back. And I've persistently named Barclays as a facilitator of tax evasion in the Channel Islands.

But there's one dimension the Guardian did not mention. The fact that, as I have showed, Barclays accounts just don't add up when it comes to tax. In 2005 there was £266 million missing. Where did it go?

And then there's the matter of their 143 Cayman subsidiaries.....