Jersey says if you don’t let us do what we want, we’ll quit

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The Jersey Evening Post has reported that:

Independence is well within Jersey's grasp. In a document that goes further towards setting out a blueprint for independence than anything yet published, the Constitution Review Group found that there were no insurmountable reasons why the Island could not become totally self-governing. The group, which includes Sir Philip Bailhache, Attorney General William Bailhache, States chief executive Bill Ogley, States international finance director Martin de Forest-Brown and States international affairs adviser Colin Powell, has been considering the issue since 2005.

Mr Ogley said that the 83-page report amounted to an insurance policy should it ever become necessary to break away from the UK to safeguard Island interests, particularly its finance industry.

It's actually quite laughable that they can think this.

The reality is that Jersey is heading to go bust, and soon. Far from seeking independence it remains my bet that it will be going cap in hand to the UK and EU for aid within a few years, driven by a population who will refuse to accept the ruinous levels of tax that being a tax haven will demand of them.

But if the has beens of Jersey's administration want to live with the notion that they have created something sustainable for just a little longer you can be sure that those who should be best able to put them right within the financial services industry will not tell them. After all, unlike real Jersey people, the accountants, lawyers and bankers who work in the place have no loyalty to it and presume they have somewhere else they can go in pursuit of money when the going gets tough in St Helier.