Swiss bank alleged tp have encouraged tax evasion

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The FT has reported that Rudolf Elmer, a former manager with Julius Baer, the private Swiss bank, has filed a claim with the European Court of Human Rights alleging infringement of his human rights, and those of his wife and child - who are both German - by upholding the elements of the banking law that allow for "secret trials". This contravenes international human rights norms, he said.

He has filed the complaint with the court and according to the FT he said:

He said he would present the Strasbourg-based court with internal protocols and evidence of false documentation by the bank for clients "showing that (Julius Baer) knew it was encouraging tax evasion".

UBS bankers are, of course, subject to a similar accusation.

It looks horribly systemic. And given the structure of Swiss banking law it seems highly predictable. Maybe that's why they're being so aggressive in response.