Trusts can be criminal activity

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A promoter of offshore schemes in the USA looks very likely to go to jail. As reports:

David Alan Struckman, co-founder of the "Institute of Global Prosperity" -- an organization that sold audiotapes, CD's and tickets to offshore seminars on "wealth-building" strategies -- was found guilty in a federal court of tax evasion and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

As the report notes:

Struckman concealed the income earned from the sale of these products through the use of bogus trusts, nominee entities and related offshore bank accounts. He transferred funds from the offshore bank accounts back into the United States through wire transfers and the use of debit cards.

Eileen Mayer, Chief, Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division said:

Trusts established to hide the true ownership of assets and income for the purpose of committing tax evasion isn't tax planning; it's criminal activity.

That seems to sum things up pretty well.