E & Y claim people aren’t interested in the ‘tax amnesty’

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Accountancy Age report that Chris Oates of Ernst & Young has said:

The contacts I have across the major accountancy firms indicate that just a few hundred people have actually notified the Revenue that there is tax to pay

Well, that's hardly surprising. Firstly you'd expect the Big 4 to have their clients under control. Second, if those clients could go offshore you'd have expected the Big 4 to have told them how to do so, and to make sure it was legal. Third, it's unlikely people who are worried about this are going to form an orderly queue to get help from the Big 4 on this. Price might just be an obstacle. Last, I know KPMG only sent out their brochure on this last week (as I got it). That was half way through the notification period, which was really timely, I thought.

But are people worried? Yes, they are. Google UK tax amnesty and this site comes up first and second. And I'll tell you, the traffic from that is high. E & Y may not be seeing the evidence, but I am. Which may be a lesson to them that the world is not seen solely from their perspective.