AABA – a web site to read, time and again

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I'm aware that there have been many new readers of this site of late. Site traffic is rising fast. Some may not be familiar with other sites seeking to achieve similar aims, if in different ways. That's why I'd like to recommend that anyone who visits here should visit the web site of the Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs (AABA) as well.

The AABA web site has more than 60,000 entries on it, dating back nearly a decade and provides links to original materials on just about every financial scandal heard of during that period. Run by my friend Prof Prem Sikka of Essex University, it's one of the best read tax web sites in the world, and yet remains relatively unknown to many in the UK with an interest in this subject. I recommend the Offshore Watch page in particular.

Disclosure: I am a member and occasional spokesperson for AABA and have received research funding from them.