PWC – not on a level playing field – and not telling the whole truth either

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A while ago I published some research for TJN, including back up notes and explanations on the methodology. Several commentators, wholly unjustifiably in my opinion, demanded that TJN publish every last iota of the work done or they said no one should take regard of the work, and claimed that the press should not either.

Are they going to clamour in similar fashion because the 100 Group of finance directors and PWC are supposed to have published a report which, entirely spuriously, seeks to claim that the top 100 UK companies pay 13% of the UK's tax bill? I hope so because the report is not available on the web. The PWC press office know nothing of it. The 100 Group do not have a web site. And the claim made claim made is spurious because included in the sum 'paid' are PAYE and VAT for which the companies act only as agents and for which as such they have no liability at all.

I look forward to the howls of protest.

What this does show though is that the Tax Justice Network is a model pf transparency.