Tax justice positive 4: Tax cooperation

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Tax justice means being in favour of tax cooperation. This requires that:

a. Automatic information exchange on income earned in one country attributable to a taxpayer in another country;
b. The sharing of data to ensure tax is assessed e.g. on transfer pricing issues;
c. An assumption that all income is taxable giving rise to cooperation to tackle tax arbitrage;
d. A mutual intolerance of states that will not cooperate on taxation matters;
e. Cooperation on international tax collection;
f. Development, where appropriate, of international bases of taxation to assist mutual tax collection.

Being in favour of tax cooperation means that we are opposed to tax competition. Tax competition includes:

a. Offering incentives to encourage the artificial relocation of transactions to a territory;
b. The ring-fencing of taxation benefits from local populations;
c. Encouraging the 'race to the bottom' in taxation rates;
d. Refusal to share tax information;
e. Refusal to recognise tax evasion as a crime;
f. Non-cooperation on the recovery of tax debt;
g. Encouraging the non-taxation of capital.