You’ve got to be kidding KPMG

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It pushes the limits of credibility to the extreme that KPMG has launched an anti-fraud hotline for UK companies. According to reports they have set up something called the 'Ethics Line' which is an independent 24-hour hotline that allows employees to raise genuine concerns about possible fraudulent or improper conduct in confidence, allowing their organisation to take prompt and effective action.And this from the firm that the US Senate reported in 2003 as devoting:

substantial resources to, and obtained significant fees from, developing, marketing, and implementing potentially abusive and illegal tax shelters that U.S. taxpayers might otherwise have been unable, unlikely or unwilling to employ, costing the Treasury billions of dollars in lost tax revenues.

Senator Carl Levin who led that enquiry is less subtle on this own web site. He says

The evidence showed that these professionals were collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in fees while robbing the U.S. Treasury of billions of dollars in revenues each year.

That's my emphasis added, but I'm unambiguous as a result. If there's anyone unsuited to talk about internal ethics it's KPMG. As the Senate report noted, even in the face of the evidence:

KPMG denie[d] being a tax shelter promoter.

No one in KPMG whistle-blew on what was going on either. So I'm sorry KPMG. I don't think you've won your credibility back yet. Nor, I suspect does anyone else.