The UK government just doesn’t get it

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The Independent on Sunday covered the Carl Levin US Senate report today. The comment given to them by the UK Treasury is the most telling part of the report.

What's astonishing is that the UK government persists with the myth that it is tackling tax abuse simply by dealing with it at the personal and corporate levels. Of course we agree that is important, and welcome what they are doing. But the question has to be asked, when will they deal with this at the systemic level?

Last Sunday's leaks from Jersey show how endemic this abuse is in the offshore territories for which the UK is responsible, and indeed in UK tax law, where the domicile laws continue to be an abuse to other nations. And yet the Treasury appears to deny this.

Until they recognise that this is issue is not plugging leaks in the tax system, but changing it so that it is much harder that such abuses happen we will continue to criticise the UK government for its lack of action in this area. And so will others, as is only too obvious from another story in the same paper today.