The IASB could do something amazing tomorrow

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I have written an article for AccountingWEB today on tomorrow's IASB meeting at which they will be discussing Publish What You Pay's submission on segment reporting.

Because you cannot access AccountingWEB unless you register, and not everyone wants to, the article is also available here.

I won't reproduce the whole argument here - but the first paragraph says:

The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) has a chance to do something really powerful this week. It could with one decision do more for development than Live Aid or Live 8 achieved, outdo Bono, make tax evasion and corruption a great deal harder, help increase the tax revenues of most of the poor nations of the world and so bring real relief to their people and begin the end of aid dependency.

Of course, you could accuse me of overstating my case. I wrote the proposal after all.

But I'll be honest. If anything I think I'm underplaying the benefits.

I'll be at the meeting tomorrow. I just wish I was more optimistic.