The Independent on Sunday – more coverage of Publish What You Pay and the IASB

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The story about the International Accounting Standards Board's cold shoulder for the Publish What You Pay coalition is to be found in today's Independent on Sunday.

First, thanks to Paul Lashmar for covering the story.

Second, my thoughts. And they are that I'm becoming increasingly wound up about this. The IASB has a chance to do something really powerful this week. It could do more good than Live Aid or Live 8, outdo Bono, make tax evasion and corruption a great deal harder for larger companies, help increase the tax revenues of most of the poor nations of the world and so bring real relief to their people and begin the end of aid dependency. And all by saying "account for and where you are". This is a big chance for the profession - one of the biggest it's been given for a very long time.

But will it grasp it? The signs aren't good. And I admit that the prospect of that makes me feel very angry.