More from the South African Revenue Service

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Having mentioned earlier that the South African Revenue Service believe in what the Tax Justice Network is doing, we got confirmation in the most direct possible form.

They are circulating our publication "tax us if you can" to all 14,000 of their staff.

Thanks guys. We like that.

We could not have asked for better evidence that the work we are doing is helping countries in Africa address how they can raise the tax they need to break their dependency on aid. This, of course, benefits us all. And it's what we're all about at TJN at the end of the day. There's nothing that excites us more than the idea of all the countries in Africa being able to flourish as viable, independent nation states able to support their own populations from the tax they can raise. But that, of course, requires the commitment of the West to close down the tax havens that encourage the corruption that riddles the continent, and a commitment from the Western companies that dominate the African economy to pay tax on the profits they generate there. Oh, and it also requires Bono to pay his share. It's not much to ask, is it?