You couldn’t make it up – new chair of HMRC is former KPMG senior partner

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After the scandals surrounding HMRC during the Hartnett era you'd think a new culture was needed in the organisation. One that was strongly pro-tax, against abuse and tax avoidance and that indicated a new, straight talking, down the line approach to big business with not a hint of cosiness or chumminess attached.

So who has just been appointed as the new chair of HMRC? Ian Barlow.

Who's he, I hear you say.

He's the former senior partner of KPMG, London.

Yes, that's the KPMG present in every major tax haven in the world.

The KPMG who signed off a bank's accounts astrue and fair in 2008 knowing it was bust, as they admitted to the House of Lords.

The KPMG who were fined $455 million in US a few years back for selling abusive tax schemes.

The KPMG who along with other such firms likes to sell "effective supply chain management services" - oherwise known as shifting profit into tax havens.

You couldn't make it up.

So much for a culture change. Under the Tories it's still jobs for the boys.

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