Labour shadow minister condemns Swiss tax deal

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Christopher Leslie, Labour shadow Financial Secretary issued the following statement tongith on the UK - Swiss tax deal:

"It is welcome that some of the money which is owed to the British taxpayer is being paid back. But there are real worries about the details. The Government should ensure that all those who have broken the law face the full penalty. There is a significant risk that some who have taken part in criminal tax evasion will escape by paying less than if prosecuted - the Government should guarantee this will not happen."

"The Government should also release full details of the agreement - particularly around the treatment of non-doms. It is not enough just to say that the agreement includes "special rules" for non-doms. UK taxpayers need to know what those special rules are."

He's right.

Why should criminals be excused?

And it's not good enough to announce a deal and not say what it is - during the recess.

This is Tory game play to support tax haven activity and tax evasion - and it's wholly unacceptable.

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