Who is or are the “tax Taliban”?

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It’s reported:

Anthony Travers, chairman of Cayman Finance, has criticised UK politicians and a group of activists he calls the “Tax Taliban.”

Who are the “Tax Taliban” Travers referred to when addressing over 1,000 delegates at the IMAC Cayman Captive Forum 2010 held on Grand Cayman? Apparently they are

“small but disproportionately vocal bodies”.

He was referring to the UK based Tax Justice Network and its chief propagandist, Richard Murphy

Thanks Anthony. That should help my progress through airport security over the next 24 hours no end.

And note my crimes: they are having a

leftist mantra [that] favours high tax regimes throughout the world and fails to acknowledge the immorality of taking huge percentage of taxpayers’ earnings nor the negative effect high taxes have on exchequer revenues.

Two comments: first Cayman has no tax on earnings, which puts his claim on “huge percentages” into perspective.

Second, note that so far no one has shown anywhere (bar, possibly, Sweden, and then only just) is on the downward side of the Laffer curve, if such a thing exists.

So, it looks to me that Anthony’s just gone and done what he’s so good at — shooting himself in the foot.

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