Now I’m their “arch nemesis”

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Last week Anthony Travers, head of Cayman Finance described me as the head of the “tax Taliban”. Given he seems to think this apparently includes “onshore Treasury, and supranational and domestic regulatory bodies, British politicians such as Emma Reynolds and former Prime Minister Gordon Brown and even US President Barack Obama”. Some list. Morning all!

Now I note that according to Cayman News Service I am Travers’ “arch nemesis”.

All, however, is OK for Travers as apparently:

these movements were ‚Ķdiminishing Travers claimed as he told his audience their claims “are a heresy and are unlikely to withstand the tax transparency” that he said Cayman demonstrated.

Heretics, eh? Am I to be burnt at the stake then?

Or is it time for Travers to get a grip on reality? Not least the fact that I have nothing against him personally, at all. I can oppose what he stands for and still recognise his right to say it. Apparently that sentiment is not mutual. That’s not to the credit of his argument.