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This morning's short video has now been published. In it I suggest that the truth is that none of us expect to see the doctor now, or anytime soon. And yet, that's absurd because there is serious unemployment among doctors in the UK. That's because the Tories have sacked them. Labour could put 6,000 of them – one for every GP surgery in England – back to work on 5 July. The impact would be enormous. But I very much doubt it will happen.

You can view the video here.

The transcript is:

 The doctor will see you now, that's what everybody wants to hear when they go to a GP surgery, and most people don't, of course.


Well, there aren't appointments available.

Or, when you get to see a GP, or what you think will be a GP, it turns out that the person in question is a physician associate or a paramedic, and they haven't been trained to do the job of a GP, whatever the NHS likes to claim.

So we need new GPs. Labour says it'll take 10 years and deliver them.

But there's a much easier alternative. On the 5th of July, West Streeting could recruit all the 6,000 or so locum GPs who've been made redundant by the NHS over the last year or so. It will cost about a billion pounds a year. But every single GP surgery in the UK could have an extra doctor if he did that.

Will he do it?

I doubt it.

But he should.

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