Farage, rumbled and reviled

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I watched the Question Time election special last night. Having previously given half hour slots to the leaders of Labour, the Tories, SNP and LibDems, Farage had demanded the same from the BBC. So they gave him what he wanted, and made him share the slot with Adrian Ramsay, co-leader of the Greens.

Ramsay went first. He was coherent, charming, and engaged with the audience. He tried, more than any other politician I have heard in this election, to answer the questions put to him. He dealt as well as could be hoped by his party with questions on their rogue candidates. The nuclear defence question was turned to his advantage. It was clear he had won the audience.

This was his biggest test, and he passed it. I thought Carla Denyer, his co-leader was the better of these two in the media, but Ramsay proved he could hold his own.

And then the audience were let loose on Farage, and they did not spare him. Almost every question accused him of racism. His dislike of migrants was called out time and again. He was made to look like the bigot he is. And when other issues were raised, it was scornfully. One questioner even compared him to Adrian Ramsay, saying the Green offered hope and Farage only offered fear. He had no clue how to respond. It was as if he had been laid bare in public view.

It was some of the best Friday night television I had watched for some time. I said so on Twitter. The reaction, and number of reads, suggests that people agreed.

So, where was Fiona Bruce? Sticking the boot in, as far as I could see. She's clearly not forgiving Farage for the damage he is doing to the Tories.

Rarely has a man looked so reviled on television.

It was good to see that so many have truly rumbled him.

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