Why do politicians only talk about working people?

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I put this short video out this morning. In it, I express my surprise that our politicians only seem to think that what they call 'hard-working people' matter in this country. What about everyone else?

The video can be viewed here.

The transcript is:

 Why do politicians only talk about working people?

It intensely annoys me that everything is apparently framed in the interest of ‘hard-working families.'

Why do they even talk about families when so many people live by themselves? This is just profoundly prejudiced language.

What about the young who have yet to start work?

What about the old who are retired?

What about those with disabilities who can't work?

What about those who are unemployed through no fault of their own?

What about carers?

What about those who are looking after young children and families have chosen that that a person doesn't work?

Are these people all to be excluded from political consideration by politicians who only want to talk about working people, and hard-working ones at that?

I don't understand where their prejudice comes from because in this country everyone matters. And they're getting it wrong when they only talk about some people as if no one else matters.

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