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Yesterday's Twitter thread on inflation and the possibility that the Bank of England has now created an interest-price spiral was quite well read. This was the data this morning on the lead tweet:

I recently read an NGO report that said their media team were delighted to have a generated  one million social media impressions in a year. Overall, my tweets got about 2 million yesterday. I might need to give this platform some more attention again after largely ignoring it for a while.

The result was that yesterday was busy, talking to journalists, being on air (LBC with Shelagh Fogarty the most notable) and talking with Owen Jones for 45 minutes on his show.

Today looks like it will also be busy. I start with some BBC local radio. I will then go on Politics Live on BBC 2 soon after 12, and am booked for Radio 4 this evening.

The idea that the Bank of England needs to do something very different right now will, at least, get an airing.

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