We live in a world of scarce resources that we must preserve. Could someone tell Truss, Sunak and Starmer?

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The EU agreed to ration gas yesterday.

In the UK regulators are urging us to be careful with water because it is now in very short supply, with no sign that rain will fall any time soon.

Welcome to the world that those, like me, who have talked about a climate crisis have been predicting.

Welcome, in fact, to our future. The world we now live in is one where we can't any longer pretend that we can 'grow, grow, grow' without consequence unless the growth in question is entirely about the delivery of more face-to-face services, most of which can only be supplied by the state or as entertainment in its varying forms.

This is the reality of life now. You would not know it from Truss, Sunak and Starmer.