Wednesday thoughts

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There has been less time for blogging than usual this morning due to other commitments. But these are some random thoughts before I get my head down into the day job.

First, what’s the point of a Labour Party that does not support workers when they are suffering serious real loss of earnings?

Second, if you want to learn about how to handle the media watch RMT leader Mikel Lynch. He has been stunning, including in handling complex issues like wage -price spirals.

Third, note the most effective point he’s made, which is that of course strikes are meant to inconvenience people. Their purpose is to point out how much you value what those on strike do to justify their pay claim. It’s hard to argue with.

Fourth, wonder about the ethics (or lack of them) of a government that will bring forward a Bill on human rights to remove the rights many of us need to live in freedom just because a court created by Winston Churchill to protect us from fascism ruled against their profoundly racist policies.

Fifth, expect to find that the good people of Devon are not so good by Friday morning: I suspect large numbers of them will vote for a candidate from our fascist party.

Sixth, hay fever really is profoundly annoying. But not as much as a lot of BBC news.

Seventh, thank Lewis Goodall for having made the point so effectively that anyone who wants to question the government really cannot work for the BBC any more. That’s how bad things have got there.

Eighth, take that as further evidence of the March of the fascist state.